How to Charter a Yacht

If you have not yet decided whether you are interested in a Sunseeker, a Wally or one of the mangusta yachts for sale, we invite you to read our short “How to charter a yacht” guide. Find our everything you need to know and start your boat rental journey.

Do I need a yacht charter broker?

The right charter broker is essential to ensuring your yacht charter is successful and planned out to perfection. It is up to a yacht charter broker to match you with the right yacht and crew. Depending on your budget, special requests, and destination, they will take charge of planning the entire boat charter. 

A good yacht charter broker will not only take care of all the paperwork, questions, and payment for the charter while making sure you have the best charter experience possible; they will also ensure you receive the most profitable deal. Charter brokers get paid a commission from the charter fee for finding the right yacht charterer, but broader charter operators’ costs are the same. 

What are the extra costs to be aware of?

First-time charterers may be surprised to hear that the primary charter fee is not an all-inclusive or final figure. The charter fee only covers the rental of the yacht, the crew and insurances – everything that is linked to the vessel itself. All other costs, such as provisionings, fuel, berth, day trips and more, come at an additional costs. 

Which destinations are best for first-time yacht charterers?

First-time yacht charterers will likely enjoy the most popular cruising waters such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, as they are more easily accessible, offer more boat options for hire, plenty of safe anchorages and sufficient resources for provisions. We recommend exploring the French Riviera or Dalmatian Coast for your first ever yacht charter.

Do charterers have to book a week-long stay onboard?

No, not necessarily – yacht charters can be booked for less time. Although the majority of crewed yachts usually offer week-long charters from Saturday to Saturday, across the most popular charter desinations like the Mediterranean, some destinations also tend to propose more flexibility, such as the Caribbean.