Five Great UK Destinations For An Adventure Holiday

The UK is not only fortunate to host a number of beautiful landscapes but also to have access to an exciting variety of different environments too. This means that, whether you are looking for sandy beaches, vast moors, or rocky cliffs, there is a destination for you.

These environments are particularly valued by those who seek a little adventure during their holiday and each year, a great number of individuals choose their vacation destination with an outdoor activity in mind. If you’re someone who enjoys embracing nature and adventurous escapades when taking time out of your daily routine, then we have five great destinations for you to consider for your next trip.

Glen Coe

One of the most picturesque locations in both Scotland and the UK, Glen Coe is celebrated for its natural beauty and its vertical challenges. Hikers and climbers alike make their visitations to Glen Coe seeking to test their ability and conquer various routes across the River Coe and up the steep of the Munro peaks.

In winter, while the area is susceptible to snow, there are still crowds drawn to the location. Except, instead of climbers, you’re much more likely to see small crowds of eager skiers instead!

Llantwit Major

This idyllic town of Glamorgan, Wales, is a sought-after coastal destination. This popularity is due not only to the town’s picturesque beauty but because of its reliable waves and stunning shores. Surfers and paddleboarders alike make their way to this quaint location to enjoy adventures on the water against a backdrop of iconic Welsh cliffs.


While the Lake District might seem to solely draw the more serene of travellers, those who want to revel in nature walks and birdwatching, there are plenty of much more adrenaline-packed reasons to visit too. Perhaps the most well-known is Helvellyn which, during the winter months, becomes one of England’s most celebrated ski destinations.

For those that want to visit outside of the season, there is also an opportunity to climb the mountain too. Just be prepared to use your hands as much as you do your feet!


The city’s naval history is known around the world and Plymouth’s nautical culture continues to this day, being a destination for divers. There are a number of scuba diving centres in the city, offering many options for beginners. Then, for those more confident in their ability, the coast is open for exploration, with a number of locations hosting shipwrecks and even opportunities for spearfishing.


Only a small number of people would be able to locate Hibaldstow on a map. However, this unassuming village is both distinctly photogenic and an international destination for skydiving. The village has also hosted the British Skydiving Championships too.

If you’re looking to get started in the sky or would simply like to take in one of the most beautiful vistas (while freefalling thousands of feet!) then Hibaldstow is surely for you. And, if you prefer the water over the sky, the village is only a stone’s throw away from the shore, with a number of opportunities for sailing and swimming.