6 Great Beaches To Explore In The UK

The UK isn’t always well-celebrated for its beach landscapes, which is largely due to its less accommodating climate and regular periods of rain. However, for those who are more forgiving of low temperatures, as well as those interested in stunning landscapes regardless of the weather, the coast has an amazing selection of beaches.

Kynance Cove

Cornwall is perhaps the most well-celebrated beach destination in the UK, with millions of visitors heading to Kernow each year. Its generally warmer temperatures are not the only reason for this. In fact, it is also because Cornwall hosts some of the most iconic and visually stunning beaches in the country.

Kynance Cove, situated on the Lizard peninsula, is a perfect example of the country’s beauty. In addition to its pure white sands, the beach is also set against an amazing rocky landscape and clear ocean vistas.

Holkham Beach

Despite being one of the most idyllic and well-preserved beaches in the UK, Holkham Beach remains lesser-explored and is, according to locals, something of a hidden gem. Situated in Norfolk, and accessible via a number of country paths, visitors can expect long stretches of open sand alongside woods and marshes.

The nearest facilities and public transport stations are, however, a short distance away, so be sure to plan ahead!

Birling Gap

There are a number of beautiful beaches in East Sussex but few are as well-celebrated as Birling Gap. Each year, many travel to visit the tall cliffs, walking along the sand against towering vertical steeps. A number will also take to the water for a day of adventure, with a number of wild swimming and paddleboarding groups being established around Seven Sisters.

Tolsta Beach

Those who have visited Scotland are likely to have heard of Tolsta Beach. The area, situated on the Isle of Lewis, is remote and even during the summer months, it is unlikely ever to be considered busy. For those who are willing to wrap up against regular and chilly winds, this beach remains one of the most pristine in the UK, connected by a number of fantastic coastal walking paths too.

Cwm Silio

A number of people will want their beach visit to be a secluded day out, one that offers tranquillity on the sand as they relax in a hidden cove. If this sounds like an ideal day out to you, then we recommend that you venture to Cwm Silio in Wales.

Accessible as part of a circular walk, one that will lead you along the river Sodan and beside historic forts, this beach is tucked into the landscape and offers an unrivalled respite to visitors.

Portstewart Strand

This beach, located in Portstewart, is one of North Ireland’s best beaches. It has the traditional qualities that make a beach great, including clean water, soft sand, and a stunning coastal landscape, much of which can be attributed to the conservation and management of the National Trust. It’s also a celebrated spot for wildlife spotting, so you can expect the company of wildlife photographers too!