Staycation tips whilst we experience hot weather

With temperatures reaching record highs in the UK this summer, there is no need to hop on a plane for a sunshine break. There are so many great places in the UK where you can get active and have fun. But enjoying hot weather at home means taking extra care so you can get the most from your staycation.

Consider your travel time

While heatwaves can be the perfect time to get away from it all and enjoy a staycation, it is important to consider your travel time, especially when it’s very warm. During hot weather, especially at the heat wave level, both rail and road travel can be slower and more challenging. Always give yourself plenty of time whether you’re travelling to and from your destination or just exploring while you’re there.

Arrange your days around peak heat

Even though we all want to make the most of the glorious summer weather, there are some hours that should be avoided. The hottest hours of the day, between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, can be enjoyed but with care. Young children and older adults should be considered during these very warm hours, so if you are spending time outside, ensure that there is plenty of shade available. Intensive physical activity should not be done during this time either.

Remember the basics

When you are having fun, it can be easy to forget the basics of hot weather safety. Even if it’s shady, keeping covered with light and breathable clothing is essential, and applying and reapplying sunscreen can prevent sunburn that can really spoil a staycation! Simple things like remembering to take plenty of water and even ice on days out can be beneficial for preventing heat exhaustion.

Plan outdoor activities

Being stuck inside is the opposite of what you want during good weather! Getting out and about and enjoying outdoor activities is a great way to enjoy the summer without just lying on a beach! Outdoor activities in New Forest or similar areas can be a wonderful way to experience the great British summertime!

Prepare for unexpected conditions

While you might hope for beautiful weather every single day of your staycation, prepare for unexpected downpours, too. Whether this means ensuring you take wet-weather clothing with you for outdoor pursuits, or coming up with some activities that can also take place inside, this preparation can keep the vacation fun going.

Taking a holiday in the UK doesn’t have to mean missing out on great weather and fantastic experiences. Especially in hot weather, it is more important than ever to prepare for all aspects of your staycation – so that you can have the best time possible.