5 Ways To Stay Active Outdoors This Winter

As the winter draws near, temperatures begin to drop and outdoor conditions worsen with rain and winds. For those who revel in soaking up the sun, and enjoying months of outdoor activities, this can be disappointing. However, simply because the climate changes, doesn’t mean adventures need to. In fact, with the right equipment and a willingness to throw oneself into a different landscape, there are just as many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed.

To ensure that your hobbies don’t hibernate and your fitness doesn’t fade away, we’re sharing five great ways to stay active this winter!


Cooler days and wetter weather are great news for foragers, bringing about a host of mushrooms, berries, and seeds. For those who enjoy taking long walks outdoors and immersing themselves in nature, foraging is a great way to both, connecting individuals with the wild world.

While foraging is a stress-free activity, one should always be careful to only eat what they recognise, so be sure to bring along books for identification.


Many will choose not to camp during winter, being disinterested in the potential of getting wet. However, promising you have the right equipment, a camping trip at this time of year can be a truly wonderful experience, one spent by the fire and cosied up inside a tent. Not only will many locations be free of tourists but you will also get to experience rarely experienced landscapes. 

Wild Swimming 

Head down to the shore during winter and you’re likely to see a group of swimmers. It may surprise you that they would want to plunge into the sea during such low temperatures but most will be quick to tell you of the health benefits it brings.

Promising you are able to stay dry and warm once you’re back on land, wild swimming can be an invigorating experience that will have you excited for winter each year. 


Much like swimming, jogging in the cold has a number of benefits, including boosting the strength of one’s immune system. By continuing to venture outdoors and keep one’s pace during colder weather, there’s actually a chance that you’ll improve your resilience against seasonal illnesses and avoid colds.

Once you start jogging, you’ll quickly forget how cold the air is and your body temperature will rise. Just be sure to wear appropriate footwear and avoid any signs of ice so as to avoid slipping over. 


Shores, rivers, and lakes each become much quieter during the winter season, welcoming those who seek placid waters to enjoy the landscapes. This is why the number of paddleboarders tends to remain consistent throughout the year as many enthusiasts will eagerly await the quiet periods to take their boards out onto the water.

As with swimming, boarders must ensure that they take appropriate precautions when out on the water. Changing robes, hot drinks, and wetsuits help to not only make the water more enjoyable but also safer too.